project Mont Abu Observatory

This on-going project is for the construction of a high-end 2.5m telescope币游网址 on mount ABU in India. It follows the completion of the 3.6m telescope in the same country (ARIES).


AMOS is in charge of the whole project, including the polishing of the telescope mirrors ( diameter 2560 and 820 mm).


Polishing a mirror is a delicate operation that takes time. On telescopes with an active primary mirror, the blank is thinner than on older telescopes, making it more challenging to polish as the mirror can deform itself under its own weight.
When polished the mirror will be placed in a specific active mirror cell which will support the mirror in 42 points using actuators which can be controlled to maintain the mirror in the right shape.

币游网址 The mirror cell is designed in parallel.

Published on 03.12.2018
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