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Dream of what you need.
Push the technology. Challenge our experts.
Together, we bring space closer than ever before.

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We design and manufacture
high-accuracy optical, mechanical and opto-mechanical systems
币游网址 for astronomy, space, science and industry.

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we focus onthree main areas

professional-astronomy professional astronomy 01

professional astronomy

Medium and large telescopes, telescope
币游网址 subsystems and auxiliary systems.

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space systems

Optical instruments, on-board opto-
币游网址 mechanical sub-systems, optical components, OGSE, MGSE, space simulators, etc.

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space systems
industrial scientific systems industrial scientific systems 01

Industrial &
scientific systems

币游网址 High-precision mechanical and opto-mechanical assemblies, thermal-vacuum chambers, special tooling, etc.

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We work in partnership with our customers,
taking charge of all aspects of a project, from conceptual and detailed design to
manufacturing, integration, tests, transport and on-site installation.

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